Layaway Agreement

Knoxville Tactical Layaway Agreement

1.       The layaway is subject to a non-refundable 10% down payment.

2.       No price adjustment can be made on layaway items after down payment is made.

3.       Upon down payment, layaway item(s) will be removed from the sales floor and held by customer name.

4.       Payments are due every 30/31 days from date of down payment, with a minimum monthly payment requirement:

-          30% for items on the 4-month term

-          10% for items on the 10-month term.

5.       The full balance-due can be paid at any time within the contract term.

6.       Layaways which are delinquent in payment by 30 days or more will be cancelled by Knoxville Tactical, and the item(s) returned to the sales floor.  A refund of money paid within the first 4 months above the down payment can be issued via check when the customer returns to the store.

7.       Layaways can be cancelled by the customer at any time.  If the customer cancels the layaway contract within the first 4 months, all money paid to date (minus the original down payment) will be refunded.  If a customer cancels the contract after the first 4 months, all money paid to date will convert to store credit to be used on any other items within the store. 

8.       Non-firearm layaway items can be taken home upon payment of balance due within or at term completion.

9.   Firearm layaway items can be taken home upon payment of balance due AND upon approval of a background check issued through Tennessee Instant Check System (TICS) with the required fee payment of $10.00 for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

10.   By providing name, address, and contact information, the layaway customer expressly agrees that Knoxville Tactical may use that information to contact him/her concerning the layaway purchase ONLY.  Knoxville Tactical will not give the customer’s information to anyone or to any organization unrelated to its internal business contract management.

Layaway Item(s) Description: _______________________________________________________________________

Layaway Item(s) Number(s): _______________________________________________________________________

Date of Contract: ________________________________________________________________________________

Contract Amount, Including Applicable Sales Tax: ______________________________________________________

Minimum Down Payment Required: _____________________           Down Payment Made: ____________________

Minimum Monthly Payments Required: __________________           Payments Due by the _________ of Each Month

Customer Name: ________________________________________________________________________________

Complete Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone #: ______________________________________          Cell Phone #: ____________________________

Email Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

Customer Signature: _________________________________________________  Date: _______________________

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