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CRKT Trencher
Product Details:  Dig through rocks and roots until you hit water.  A wood saw is on..
CRKT Woods Chogan T-Hawk
Product Details: This two-handed camp axe with a hickory handle, hot-forged blade, and hammerhead..
Derma-Safe Folding Utility Razor
Product Details: The Derma-Safe SERE Razor Knife is a light to medium duty cutting tool, and due ..
High Speed Gear Bleeder/Blowout Pouch MOLLE
Designed to hold medical gear and grant immediate access to medical shears.   • Dedicat..
Magpul DAKA Can
Product Details: Originally designed to house and protect Magpul Eyewear, the DAKA® Can is a rugg..
Mil-spec Monkey EMT Shears
Handy EMT/Medical shears good for cutting about anything, but primarily used for removal of clothing..
MRE Case A (Meals 1-12)
U.S. Military MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat) Case A 12 MREs, 1 each of the following: Chili wit..
MRE Case B (Meals 13-24)
U.S. Military MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat) Case B 12 MREs, 1 each of the following: Cheese To..
NDUR Lensatic Compass with Whistle
DESCRIPTION: The NDūR® Lensatic Compass with Whistle is a unique and patented design with many of..
NDUR Survival Shovel , 16 Tools in One
DESCRIPTION: The NDūR Survival Shovel has 16 tools in One Multi-Functional Shovel. It is perfect ..
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